Tool Kit

The Europe-wide VET toolkit for tackling early leaving was developed by Cedefop to offer support for policy-makers and VET providers.

The toolkit provides practical guidance, tips, examples of good practice and tools intended to help young people at risk of leaving education early to attain at least an upper secondary qualification as well as assisting early leavers to reintegrate into education or training and the labour market.

Intended to benefit policy-makers and practitioners working in schools and colleges, companies, guidance centres, employment services, social services or youth organisation, it contains information concerning identifying signs of disengagement, preventing early leaving; supporting learners at risk of dropping out; improving attendance or reducing dropout; monitoring early leavers; motivating and re-engaging early leavers and bringing them back to education and training.

A range of tools drawn from successful VET practice are presented online, including:

  • Good practices - successful measures implemented in different EU countries to tackle early leaving.
  • Quick wins - relatively simple activities that can contribute to tackling early leaving.
  • A self-reflection tool for policy-makers to identify the strengths and weaknesses of policies put in place.
  • Evaluation plans for policy-makers or VET providers to design an appropriate monitoring and evaluation approach.

Interested stakeholders have the opportunity to submit examples of their own good practices and successful measures, and may register for news and forthcoming events about tackling early leaving.

Access Cedefop's toolkit here :

Download a brochure about the toolkit here

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