Mobility Scoreboard

The Mobility Scoreboard for IVET is a tool for assisting policy-making in the broad area of international learning mobility in IVET as well as providing information for learners’ organisations and mobility organisers (VET institutions, mobility agencies, companies involved in mobility, guidance institutions and staff involved in organising mobility activities) and experts, researchers, and the wider public.

The two European learning mobility scoreboards – one for initial vocational education and training (IVET), developed by Cedefop, and the other for higher education (HE), developed by EACEA/Eurydice - were officially launched online by the European Commission on 8 December 2016.

The scoreboards have been developed to contribute to the European Council’s goal that, by 2020, at least 6% of all 18 to 34 year-olds with a VET background should be granted a learning experience abroad. The scoreboards were set up to monitor progress in promoting, and removing obstacles to, learning mobility in Europe.

The Council adopted a Recommendation in 2011 that encouraged Member States to promote learning mobility of young people. Through this Recommendation, Member States commit to promoting and removing obstacles to learners' mobility.

EACEA / Eurydice set out to work on a mobility scoreboard for HE. In parallel, the European Commission entrusted Cedefop with the development of a mobility scoreboard for IVET.

The scoreboards are tools which take stock of policies and structures in place in countries to support mobility of learners. The IVET scoreboard was developed to assist policy-makers and to provide an overview of recent policy developments and initiatives as well as the overall system of facilitating IVET learner mobility.

The scoreboard is presented in a user-friendly format with indicators and maps as well as European-level and country-specific reports that allow users to access a broad range of information and make comparisons. The indicators used to score elements of learning mobility can be found on the Cedefop and the Eurydice websites, with the Cedefop website containing more in-depth information.

View the IVET mobility scoreboard on the Cedefop website.

View the mobility scoreboard for higher education on the European Commission’s EACEA website.